Around the blogosphere you have probably read about some pretty amazing people. We have those who live with no plastic, or who can fit all of their trash for a year into a mason jar. We have people who grow all their own food on just a 1/4 acre, and people who eat vegan strictly to help the planet.

I’m not one of those people.

In fact, until I started taking notice of what exactly I was doing to the planet, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say I was on the more destructive side of average. I work towards doing better every day, but I’m definitely not there yet.

This website is an effort to help others explore how to help the environment in manageable ways, and to have as much information in one spot as possible, without being uncomfortably elitest.

So far, full transparency, this is where I am:

  • My website is powered by Green Geek
    Green Geek is run with 100% renewable energy, and is in fact run in such a way as to be carbon-reducing–according to the website anyway. I haven’t verified it. Here is proof that I use this hosting software:
  • My energy is 98% renewable energy
    But not due to anything special I did. The power company in my area uses 98% renewable energy, and I just happen to live in the area.
  • I’ve cut down on a lot of disposables
    My sandwich bags, grocery bags, water bottles, coffee cups and straws have been switched to reusables. That being said, if I forget them I still use regular ones.
  • I’ve cut down on waste
    I grow a garden and turn my food scraps into compost for the garden. It’s not closed loop, but it’s a start.
  • I have paid for my own carbon footprint through carbon offsets. I feel this is a bit like buying prayers, but it’s something while I work on cutting my carbon footprint for real.

Where am I not?

  • I am not plastic free
    I feel one of the many reasons we have not made any progress in improving the planet is that people think they have to be Jesus or JustNotBother.

    Even if the only change you make is to switch off your computer at night instead of leaving it on, you’ll have made a difference.

    I’m not willing to hand bake myself crackers that taste nothing like Ritz because it comes in a plastic bag. I am willing to write the company and ask for options, but plastic is simply too pervasive right now.
  • I’m not trash free
    See above
  • I’m not carbon free
    See above
  • I’m basically just a normal person trying to find a way to have life and a nicer planet too.

If you were hoping for a deity of the environment, here’s a list of much more admirable people to visit:

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