Novel Info

One of my favorite parts of Rinexii is the smattering of comics I have made to illustrate it. Although my path as an artist is just beginning, I feel that visuals like comics can really help the average citizen understand environmental issues.

Earlier this year, I began brainstorming ideas to try and make Rinexii accessible to more people, and realized that while I have some stuff for young kids and parents, I have maybe 1 article of interest to teens and tweens.

I love writing for a YA audience, and have a number of successful projects for that age group. I also love to draw. When working out ideas on how to reach older kids, the idea of combining my passion for writing and art to create a graphic novel was born.

Combining favorites

This year I’ll be drawing the graphic novel during NaNoWriMo. It’s one of my favorite writing events, and while graphic novels aren’t allowed officially, many people still draw or do other projects alongside NaNoWriMo to take advantage of the spirit of the month.

You’ll be able to see the art itself getting drawn by checking this page daily starting November 1st. We were originally planning to live stream it, but during our research on the environmental impacts of streaming, we realized less is more. Instead, the art will be condensed into 2-3 minute clips.


When the science teacher reveals there’s a local science competition for a $1,000 prize, most of the kids are eager to form groups and get started. Itsuki and Latifa are joined unexpectedly by the most popular girl in the class, Maria, and the shyest person–William.

At first, they think the biggest problem they will face is the local bully, but as their project on the greenhouse effect develops, they realize there are much bigger problems to worry about.

Curious to see how the clips will look? We did a sample here: