Review of Etee…kind of?

I am forever testing out new shampoo and conditioner bars. Hair care bars are a great way to lower your waste because you don’t have to give up anything (you’re still shampooing and conditioning however you prefer) to ditch a plastic bottle.

The problem we run into is that not all haircare bars are created equal. One bar may make your hair feel good, another may make you feel like a greasy slime ball.

I have loved Lush, and a few others that I’ve tried in the past, but Etee isn’t one I’ve tried. Lots of people recommended them to me, so I was eager to get my hands on a bar or two.

Waiting..and Waiting…and Waiting…

I ordered my product in December, and promptly forgot about it. When I ran out of shampoo completely, I remembered that I’d ordered more, and checked the time. A month had come and gone, and still no order. No problem, I thought, I’ll just email them and see what’s up.

I got no response.

I waited another week, growing gradually more impatient by the day, and phoned them. I got a voicemail. I never got a reply.

Not Willing To Try Again

Eventually, after trying and failing several times to contact them, I asked Paypal to give me my money back. Just a couple days after this, and 10 full days since the last time I tried to make contact with them, they did eventually email me.

They explained supply chain shortages were causing this problem in the email. Supply chain shortages don’t prevent you from notifying customers on your website or through an auto-responder. How am I supposed to be patient and understanding if I don’t know what’s causing the company to ghost me?

Not impressed.

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