Review of Cranky Uncle vs. Climate Change

Have you ever put something in your cart and forgot about it, only to accidentally order it later? I’m a big fan of Abe Books for things my library does not have, and often browse it to look for ideas to get from the library.

I love that the books are inexpensive, but also that it they are second hand. It gives these books a second chance at life.

Cranky Uncle vs. Climate Change was an accidental order for me, but I’m glad that it ended up in my hands. The book covers all the common arguments against climate change, and supplies supporting facts to dispel them.

The book is extremely image heavy, not quite a full graphic novel but more like a blend. It makes it easy to read and very enjoyable.

My biggest complaint about the book is that as a concerned citizen, I already knew all of these facts about climate change. I would rather have had these comics showing the debate question, and then showing a debater answering them.

Knowing the facts, and knowing how to articulate them in a debate are two totally different things.

If you were hoping to use this book to actually debate your uncle in climate change, don’t bother. If you just want a light hearted and fun romp through all the climate issues and the science, this is a very enjoyable read.

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