Review of Bambody Period Underwear

Find menstrual periods uncomfortable? Skip this article. This be period-haver talk.

I love my June Period Cup. It has helped me save on thousands of dollars in menstrual supplies. When it seals properly, periods are reduced to just a couple of bathroom trips a day, and it’s like they don’t exist in between.

Unfortunately, that’s only when it seals properly. When it doesn’t seal, the June cup leaks. I struggled with leaking almost to the point of giving up on cups, until I read about period panties. These thick, reusable underwear can catch from 1 to several tampons worth of flow, and feel dry and comfortable in between.

I tried Bambody because of the great price tag, but I probably won’t switch to any new brands after this because of the customer service. My first pair was a size too small. The instructions said to size exactly according to their chart, which was a size too small for me ordinarily. It was, in fact, a size too small.

I explained the issue and Bambody gave me a free replacement. I was very impressed with their service. Best of all, they do the job!

I use them entirely on light days, and with the cup on heavy days, and have had no issues ever since. If you have problems with leaky cups, or are just looking for an alternative to pads, I highly recommend giving Bambody a try.

This review is entirely my own opinion, and there are no affiliate links. We just liked the product a lot and wanted to share something we enjoyed.

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