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Final Week of NaNoWriMo

This is it! With just four days left to NaNoWriMo, the event is all but finished. I’m very glad that I started out on this adventure, and I believe that it benefited my story a lot. Drawing every day has helped me grow as an artist, and while I’ve been drawing my novel I’ve been reading a lot about climate change as well.

In fact, I have learned so much recently from the beautiful books recommended to me by people on Twitter, that I have ended up adding many more panels to the book that I think it will need. I will be adding some ‘did you know’ panels talking about some amazing, famous climate scientists of the past, and also adding more discoveries from the kids on climate and how they personally can see it happening.

Right now I’ve stopped pushing myself to finish drawing the whole book, and have instead focused on beginning to color the panels so I can post a few chapters up fairly soon. 🙂 Here’s one that I’ve started the color on, so you can get an idea of what will eventually be available:

It’s going to take several hours to finish coloring this, but I hope to have the first chapter up sometime in late January. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to be a part of this! Your encouragement has really helped.

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