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Second Week of NaNoWriMo

I’m excited that even if we don’t successfully complete the whole novel in one month, I’ll have a significant chunk by the end of it. Today was spent scanning in half the first chapter so I can begin lining and coloring them after the event, as well as doing another video.

William realizing groups are already forming.

This week was harder than the first week. We have several large winter storms going through the area, which meant loss of power for many. It’s difficult to draw without lights, especially when young toddlers come to “help” with the drawing, but I still managed to get a few panels in.

William running to find a group

I’ve had a wonderful time sharing my drawings, and hearing from readers. My hope is that this graphic novel will end up being a wonderful resource when it’s complete.

Hope you guys enjoyed this collection of pictures from the week! You can also see the videos here.

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