5 panels of excited kids, "Science camp here I come!" "That's not a bad investment." "New sports equipment for me!" "I must win!" "Who needs new clothes? You do!"

First Week of NaNoWriMo

After 6 months of practicing my art skills, outlining how the novel will go, and drawing references for characters and objects, it’s finally time to put all that into practice. Today marks day 6 of our NaNoWriMo event, and–well—we’ve survived.

NaNoWriMo is always a challenge, but this is the first time I’ve ever done a NaNo “Rebel” novel, which is one where you write something other than a normal novel. Heatwave is a graphic novel, covering the story of how my characters Maria, William, Ituski and Latifa meet, and learn about the dangers of climate change and what the world is facing.

I’m excited for the book, and hope it will add some life to Rinexii when it’s completed. Here’s a few black and white images from the first week. If you want to see our videos or read the synopsis, you can do so here.

This one was the most difficult drawing of the week, and took almost 2 hours to complete.
Miss Catori, the science teacher greeting her class.
You’d never guess they were goofing off 5 minutes ago.
After explaining that they can win a $1,000 prize, everyone is very excited to do a project on the greenhouse effect
Maria is embarrassed by all the people who want her on their team, so she chooses one for herself.

Once NaNoWriMo is over I’ll start coloring them, finish the project if I end up failing NaNoWriMo (my track record has never been that great 😉 and work out how to publish it on Rinexii so that it’s easy to read. Thank you everyone who has been following my project!

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