An annoyed student is forced to lean over as a boy manspreads next to her.

Rinexii’s NaNoWriMo event is about to begin!

This is as much a warning for readers as it is an announcement. The next 4 Fridays are going to be dedicated to our NaNoWriMo event. If you haven’t read the “Novel” page on the top bar, we’re working on adding a more robust kid section to Rinexii, including a graphic novel series aimed at tweens.

To make it more fun, we’re going to try and draw all of the art for the novel in just one month (although realistically this probably won’t include coloring as I’m so sloooooow at colors.) You’ll be able to see every moment of this through timelapsed videos on our YouTube channel.

Our weekly updates will showcase all the videos, talk about how it went, and since it may not necessarily be in the order of the plotline (some of the panels I’m thinking of will probably take a whole day, so I may need to combine with faster draws to get done in time) what’s going on in the plot.

If graphic novels aren’t your thing, this is essentially a notice to check back in December. We’ll be back to bringing you more articles then.

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