Cover and title reveal for Heatwave

Cover and Title Reveal!

As many of you know, Rinexii is working on producing a graphic novel helping kids 12-14 learn about the environment. The goal was to create content that was both entertaining and informative. The result is “Heatwave,” the first book in the Greenhouse Kids series.

The adventure covers 4 kids trying to win their school’s biggest science contest. What they discover ends up being bigger than the contest though. As they learn more about climate change, they find evidence that it’s happening in their own hometown, and form a club to help stop it.

The goal of this series is to not just show the problem and provide evidence for it, but also to provide actionable steps that can be taken to help solve the crisis–even if you’re a kid. While the first book mainly sets up the problem and provides evidence (no point in learning what to do about it if there’s no proof it’s real) the following books will cover not just climate change help, but issues involving plastic pollution and endangered species as well.

My hope is that content like this will help make information about climate change accessible to everyone–not just concerned adults.

Bookmark our Novel Page for November!

We will be drawing the entire graphic novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo.) We’ll be recording each day of drawing and posting it up at the end of the day. You can see a sample of what that looks like here:

We’re very excited for this project, and look forward to hanging out with our friends while we work on this project. Hope to see you in November!

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