Review of FaceTheory Overnight Cream

Until recently, my face care routine was non-existent. I don’t use makeup, wash my face in the shower, and that’s about it. One of the reasons there is a huge deficit of posts on beauty for Rinexii is because I don’t have any interest in the industry at all.

That evaporated overnight one day when I smiled at myself in the mirror and noticed about 1,363,762 wrinkles. I’m not old! Why were there so many wrinkles? Why did my skin feel so dry?

I decided I definitely needed to start moisturizing, and began looking around for a plastic free option. Although not the first product I found, FaceTheory didn’t attempt to shove 6 other items in my cart or demand a minimum $29 purchase as well as a $20 a year membership just to buy some soap.

Moreover, FaceTheory matched all my criteria. They are open and honest about plastic use, recognizing that they do still use some plastic in their line. They also do use some palm oil, but get it 100% RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil.)

They are vegan, and even package and send the product in plastic free packaging. They are local to the UK, which is a distance from me, but are manufactured ethically, and source ethically as well.

This was enough to convince me to buy their products. I got the face cream right away, and it came with a face wash (also plastic free) I wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure if it was a freebie, or if I bought a packaged set and didn’t notice it, but I liked both.

A little goes a long way with both. I’ve only been using them a week, but when I smile I don’t look like yoda anymore, so the moisturizer is definitely doing the trick. I can’t say my face is cleaner with the face wash, but hey, I’m not the one to go to for beauty reviews.

In short, if you too look like a 90 year old lady and you shouldn’t, this product is plastic free and works. Also, take my review with a grain of salt cause I don’t normally do beauty products. 😉

This review is not affiliated in any way. We just bought the product, liked it, so wrote about it.

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