Become a Dolphin in a Virtual Ocean

Become a dolphin in a virtual ocean!

Now and then, a kickstarter for the environment gets our attention in a real and exciting way. I recently finished the book, “Becoming Wild,” by Carl Safina, and to say the least, the ocean in general and whales in particular have been on my mind a lot lately.

It seemed fate that I’d receive in e-mail from the campaign manager for a kickstarter that would allow people to experience the lives of these incredibly intelligent animals first hand.

Why it matters

The ocean is something many environmentalists care about, but is shrouded in mystery. It took a book for me to learn just how intelligent sperm whales are, right down to having their own names and clans. Even the smallest ocean animal has a very important part to play in maintaining the oceans, and they can be greatly troubled by human interference.

Without first knowing about these animals and what they do for the planet, it’s hard to care about them on the level needed to enact change. How Is The Water plans to help people see how fish, sharks, dolphins, and other animals live in a deep and meaningful way.

How you can help

How is the Water is just 5 days away from an “All or Nothing” finish on kickstarter. (They’re almost there!_ Even if you can’t donate to help them, sharing their kickstarter on social media or through other platforms can help them get the money they need to complete this project.

We are not affiliated with this kickstarter in any way. This kickstarter is being shared by Rinexii purely because we believe it will make a meaningful impact on the environment if it is successful.

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