What 5 different seedlings look like

There’s nothing more frustrating for a new gardener to spend time carefully weeding a new bed, only to discover to their dismay they accidentally weeded a sprout. While some seedlings, especially squashes, stand out from weeds, others look nothing like the plant they will one day become. If you’re struggling to tell apart weeds from seedlings, here are what 5 different seedlings look like.

A young broccoli plant.
Broccoli Seedling

If you planted broccoli, cabbage, or other brassicas, this is what you should be looking for. This tiny seedling will quickly grow “true leaves” Which look much different from the initial start.

a young tomato seedling
Tomato seedling

This tomato seedling will also grow different looking true leaves shortly, but their first leaves often look more like weed seedlings instead.

a young tomato seedling with true leaves
Tomato seedling with true leaves

Here’s a look at what your tomato seedling will look like after it gets its first true leaves.

A bell pepper seedling
Bell Pepper seedling

Most pepper seedlings look the same when first sprouting. They have smoother leaves than a tomato that just sprouted, and also tend to have a brighter green than the tomato seedlings.

A carrot seedling
Carrot Seedling

Of all the plants most likely to be weeded out early, the carrot makes the top of the list. Their first leaves look nothing like the soft, fringe like stems we’re used to seeing.

A squash seedling

Cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, and others in the curcuba family look similar as seedlings. These plants are also the easiest to weed around, since they usually look obviously different from weeds.

If you’ve wondered which plants are weeds and which ones are seeds, a look at these photos should help you determine the difference.

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