Spotlight: Ben Dolley

Environmentalism isn’t just about the big things people do. Sometimes, it means starting small. One of the best examples in the Twitter universe is Ben Dolley, a man who is making changes in his own life one small step at a time.

Change is hard, especially when you have a young family with kids. Kids want things. They want lots of things, and convincing them to go along with a new environmental philosophy can be rough. Ben Dolley’s story is everybody’s story, and it brings hope to those who may struggle with the same problems in becoming sustainable.

Ben Dolley’s environmental journey began like most peoples. He was interested in the environment, but not especially aware of the crisis we were swiftly approaching until about three years ago. He began searching for ways to be more sustainable.

Some of the things Ben Dolley has chanced includes spending more time teaching his children about nature, collecting Christmas trees and Halloween pumpkins for composting, and regularly picking up litter.

He also grows some of his own food on his allotment, and works on cutting plastic as much as he can. He tweets about his journey on a regular basis on his Twitter account, @wastefighter.

Ben Dolley is exactly what we need to see in the world right now. Regular people making a big effort to save the planet, and the place we call home.

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