3 Resolutions You Can Make To Benefit the Environment in 2021

No matter what your perspective is on the environment, the current political climate, or Covid-19, there is one thing we can all agree on. 2020 sucked. As we look forward to ringing in a New Year, it’s worth thinking about the age old tradition of making a New Year’s Resolution.

New Year’s Resolutions are usually made to find something about ourselves we want to change, and making that change. If you’re eager to put 2020 behind you and make a positive change in your life, here are 5 suggestions that will benefit the environment.

1. Take a stand against litter

Are you guilty of setting down a cup of coffee and “forgetting” to bring the empty coffee cup with you when you leave? Do you ever set a bag of stinky dog poop on the side of the road and tell yourself you’re totally going to pick it up later?

Yeah, we don’t do those things either. Unfortunately other people do however, and the result is an overwhelming amount of litter not just on beaches, but alongside roads, parking lots, and in every field.

This litter is hurting wildlife, looks bad, and can get the general public locked out of public lands because–well–the litter is destroying these public places.

Studies show however, that when litterers see others picking up, they won’t litter. Litter bugs are also less likely to litter if a place is already clean. If you don’t litter yourself, you can help by rolling up your sleeves and picking up a little of that mess.

2. Make a simple plastic swap

Plastic has become an enormous problem on our planet, and we dump more and more single use plastic into our oceans and rivers every single day.

While it isn’t plausible or possible to ditch plastic all together during a pandemic (props to the people who can and do), swapping out one of your normal single use go-tos can make a big impact over time.

Try a menstural cup or reusable pads if you have periods, switch to bar soap, shampoo, or conditioner, or use beeswax wraps instead of plastic cling wrap.

Even if you make one small change it can make a huge difference over time.

3. Speak up

Write the companies you enjoy the products of, and let them know you want them to become sustainable companies. Let them know what you think is not sustainable, and urge them to change.

This is one of the easiest ways you can make the biggest difference, and it only takes a minute and an email account.

We’re hoping 2021 will be a better year, and that we can all move forward sustainably.

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