How to make a bat box out of toilet paper rolls

If you have any toilet paper rolls left after using them to make seedling trays, why not use them to make fun candy boxes for Halloween? This easy project can be made with black construction paper, and of course your toilet paper roll.

These paper bats are cute as decorations, but you can also stuff them with candy and give them away as cute little treat holders or as a prize for parties. This tutorial was inspired by Practically Functional.

You Will Need:

Toilet Paper Rolls
Black Construction Paper
Decorations for the face: Be creative!

Wrap the toilet paper roll in construction paper and glue it on, OR paint it black. Once it is done, just push either side of the toilet paper roll inwards. You can see me squishing the top inwards with my thumb in the picture above. This makes the ears on the head.

Do it again on the bottom (stuff with candy if it’s for a candy box first) and you have the tail.

Cut bat wings out of the construction paper. It’s fine to get creative and make them however you want them. Fold them into fans, cut jagged edges, what ever you like.

Size doesn’t matter, as long as they are smaller in width than the toilet paper roll.

Glue the toilet paper roll to the wings, and add a face! You’re done! We recommend looking at the tutorial on Practically Functional if you need more detailed instructions. It really is surprisingly easy!

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