How to make an upcycled spider decoration

Yesterday, we learned how to make a spooky halloween wreath. Today, we’ll be upcycling a wine cork into a spider! We based this tutorial on this one done by Upcycle That (a great resource by the way.)

However, because the goal was to use upcycled materials, we used what we had on hand. We had a pipe cleaner, and googley eyes, but we didn’t have any paint so we used construction paper.

We cut this measured to the cork, with a little excess to fold over, as if you were wrapping a present. Have Smol People (or yourself) glue vigorously.

The cork being sized, just so you can see what it looks like

All rolled up in the Glue-pocalypse

Squish the construction paper over the top of it

Give him a face. We used googley eyes because we had them, but you can paint them on, use buttons, tiny legos, what ever you have that needs upcycled.

Stab a hole in the side of the cork, it doesn’t need to be deep. 1/4″ is sufficient. Force pipe cleaner into the hole. You could also use old twist ties from bread bags etc. for this.

Hang him up on your halloween wreath! Isn’t he cute?

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