How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

We all know that the best way to discard an old shirt is to give it to someone else who will wear it. This works great if it’s something your child grew out of, a new piece that didn’t fit, or an otherwise unstained/torn shirt in good condition.

What do you do with a holey old shirt no one wants though? Is it time to toss it because there’s a big stain on the front?

The good news is your old t-shirt no longer fit to be worn can still get a second life. You can upcycle it before throwing it away, by turning it into t-shirt yarn. T-shirt yarn works just like regular yarn and can be crocheted or knitted just like regular yarn.

It can also be used in a variety of other projects, one spooky project we’ll be sharing with you tomorrow.

For now, here’s how to make t-shirt yarn.

Start with an old t-shirt. Notice the huge stain on the shoulder. It was already on its last legs because it was so thin you could see through it, but the stain was the end of the road for it.

Cut the top half off, starting just below the sleeves.

Make sure the seems are to one side, and then cut strips, leaving an inch or so at the top.

Center the part you didn’t cut so it looks like one of those face huggers from Aliens.

This part confused me to no end. Essentially, you’re going to cut the first strand at an angle (to open it up, this will be one end of the string) and there after, cut the next one over. If you cut straight across you’ve just cut a 1″ strip off the t-shirt, so by cutting the next one over you get the yarn.

It will unwind into a long strand. To make it more yarn like, stretch the strings after you have finished. You’ll get more, and it will be curled and more consistent with yarn.

I found this tutorial most helpful in showing that part, as it’s really difficult to understand from pictures:

This is a great project, and really opens up the possibilities for old clothes!

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