How To Upcycle A Toilet

How to Upcycle a Toilet

A few days ago I noticed someone searched for, “How to Upcycle a Toilet” and found my blog on upcycling toilet paper rolls instead. Although Rinexii is in its infancy, my eventual goal is for this to be the ultimate resource for all things environmental. If someone is searching for and finding my blog but not finding their answer, that’s bad!

Fortunately, there are actually a lot of ways to upcycle a toilet. If your toilet is intact however, my first recommendation is not to upcycle it at all! If it is in usable condition, contact your local Habitat for Humanity (or similar non-profit) and donate it to them instead.

Upcycling is great for old things that can’t be reused or rehomed for their original purpose, but the best thing to do with any object that is still really useful is to keep it for its original use as long as possible.

How to upcycle a toilet

If your toilet is…well…old and certainly not donatable material, an easy upcycle is to turn it into a planter for your garden. (Perhaps pair it with a charming urinating angel fountain?)

Simply place the toilet in your garden, fill it with soil, and plant with flowers. (Cascading flowers are particularly good here.)

You’ll have a center piece that will catch attention and get people talking, while also finding a way to make use of an old piece of furniture.

Recycling Toilets

Old toilets can also get a second life in recycling, if your local program accepts them. Some recycling places take toilets, grind them up, and use them to make concrete. If your local recycler does this, it may be an option for your toilet that helps it avoid landfill.

Hopefully this finds the person who wanted to upcycle their toilet, and if the problem gets reversed–here’s the toilet paper roll article.

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