The Beauty of Backyard Biodiversity

With my kids home from school, we have spent a lot of time looking for fun activities we can do together. One of our most recent projects has been taking a census of the different plants and animals in our yard.

We found dozens of plants and animals who enjoy our little corner of the world, and thought it’d be nice to show you the many types of life even a small backyard can hold.

Due to the sheer number of plants and animals we found, we’ll be dividing them up by type. This post features the birds that regularly visit our home.

Black-Capped Chickadee
Northern Flicker
Red Tailed Hawk
Red Breasted Sap Sucker
Spotted Towhee
Mourning Dove
Oregon Junco
Bald Eagle
Anna’s Hummingbird
Downey Woodpecker
Red Breasted Nuthatch
House Finch

We also have other species of humming birds and woodpeckers, blue jays, and a couple different sparrows. We’ll add them to the post as we collect photos.

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