10 Items You Can Repair Yourself

10 Items You Can Repair Yourself

Repairing what you have can both save money, and help protect the environment. Although there are some things you can’t repair on your own, here are 10 items you can repair yourself.

  1. Fix the button on your pants

Because who doesn’t have a pair of pants sitting around with a broken button? You can also repair them even if you don’t have a button.

2. Fix stuck keys on a mechanical keyboard

Cause who hasn’t spilled something on their keyboard?

3. Fix a broken zipper

There’s still hope for your favorite purse.

4. Fix a running toilet

You’ll probably still need to call a plumber for most other things, but this fix you can do yourself.

5. Your leaky garden hose

Of course, duct tape is also an option.

6. Your broken flip-flop

This hilarious tutorial shows a zip tie, but if you’re avoiding plastic others in the comments have successfully reproduced the same idea with natural fibers.

7. A shattered vase

Build it back more beautiful.

8. Broken makeup

Make your powder like new again, skip to 2:00 for actual tutorial.

9. Fixing a flat bicycle tire

10. Loose pot handles

Nobody likes loose pot handles, but they’re actually in easy fix.

Not everything can be repaired, but by taking a moment and checking to see if it can be repaired, you’ll save the earth a lot of damage–and maybe your pocketbook too.

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