Review of “Vanishing of the Bees” – a 2009 documentary

In 2006, David Hackenburg went to check on his bees and found an unusual sight. The bees in some of his bee hives, thriving only hours before, had mysteriously disappeared. He found few dead bees around the hive, and the queen along with a handful of nurse bees and young, still alive in the nest.

The mysterious phenomenon, dubbed “Colony Collapse Disorder” has devastated honey bee populations, and has left researchers scratching their heads. Over 10 years later, the phenomenon is still devastating beekeepers, and no one knows why.

“Vanishing of the bees” is a documentary looking into the problem of our ailing bees, and explores potential answers as to what could be causing the problem. The insightful documentary addresses a number of possible causes, including pesticides and the remarkable lack of oversight on them, to various diseases.

If you’ve been looking for a documentary to watch for #PollinatorWeek, we suggest checking this one out.

You can watch it for free on Amazon Prime or on YouTube for $5-$8.

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