The 2020 Rinexii Eco Fair

Thank you everyone who worked hard with me to pull off this wonderful event! We have had some absolutely wonderful contributions to this fair, and I’m so pleased to present them to you today. The theme was “Staying Home” in order to reflect on the pandemic, but also to recognize that we still need to focus on climate change through it all.

We got a lot of great submissions, so let’s start out with one of our very first entries and also one of my favorites. These adorable triplets with a message about littering!

Booth #1

Booth #2

The wonderful owner of has contributed an article for us to post on our blog. Eco Femme works to provide reusable sanitary pads for people who need them. Imagine how much plastic could be taken out of the system if every woman had access to them.

Booth #3:

This is a submission by “The Green Guy” who wanted to talk about green cleaning. He’s got some great options to help you stay green while staying at home!

Booth #4:

Reba Spike did this fantastic article for the eco-fair on how to do wildlife photography in quarantine. We love this great article!

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