best composters for 2020

Best composters for 2020

Why look at the best composters for 2020? Won’t vegetable scraps decompose just the same whether they are in the landfill or in your backyard? Surprisingly not.

Composting your food and yard waste is an essential step to cutting your carbon footprint. The conditions at the landfill don’t allow your food waste to break down normally, which can result in the release of methane. Methane is a green house gas that is far more powerful than cO2, which we spend the most time worrying about.

Luckily, you can easily reduce the amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere by composting your food and yard waste, reducing or eliminating the methane it releases. While you can compost by simply starting a pile in your backyard, these composters will make the task easier, and–well–less smelly.

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter

Composting is a process that involves two major stages. The actual composting process, and a curing phase. In order to start a new batch of compost, that means you have to dump the older compost out to finish somewhere else. This can be unsightly or even unacceptable depending on where you live.

The solution? A composter with two compartments that let you cure and compost all at the same time. This composter is also resistant to rats and has excellent aeration, all of which are important factors for a successful composter.

The downside? Some people say assembling it is difficult.

Envirocycle Composter

Self styled as the most beautiful composter in the world, envirocycle is a great option for people who want to make it a part of their deck, or landscaping.

On top of composting your organic waste, it also has a compartment in the stand which lets you harvest the liquid run off from the compost. This liquid is highly prized as a fertilizer for your lawn or garden.

You’ll need two if you want to trade off curing and composting, but they are rodent proof, odor resistant, and extremely beautiful.

Worm Factory 4 tray composting bin

If you were interested in trying vermiculture, this worm factory is a great choice. It features a 4 tray system that allows you to separate your worms and compost easily. It also collects the valuable worm tea at the bottom, with a convenient spigot for easy access.

Place a handful of worms and your food scraps at the bottom, and let them go to work! When the tray is full, start filling the tray above it. The worms will migrate into that tray to access the food, leaving you with a tray of compost and worm castings.

This set-up makes composting with worms easy, and we highly recommend it.

Urban Composting Worm Bag

Let’s face it, not all of us have tons of cash to throw at a composter, but we still want those benefits! This worm bag was last priced at $109, which is much easier to digest than the $150-$250 they normally range. They even have a super economy version with no frame for just $79.

This worm bag works by the continuous flow model. You put your scraps in at the top, and your compost out of the bottom. No need to turn it, the worms will do the work for you.

Food Cycler Platinum

This amazing composter solves nearly all kitchen waste issues in a snap. Literally. This kitchen composter looks like just another appliance in your kitchen, but instead of washing dishes or cooking food, it composts food scraps.

Not only can it compost meat and even small bones (such as those from chicken or fish) it can give you usable compost in just three hours. The compost is odorless and does not attract predators.

It’s major con is the price tag, at $299, and the fact that it isn’t designed to process yard waste as well.

SCD Probiotics All Seasons Indoor Composter

Rounding up our list of the best composters of 2020 is a bokashi style composter. If you want a clean, odorless way to get rid of meat and dairy as well as other scraps, bokashi is the way to go. This bokashi composter has everything you need to get started. It comes with an indoor composter, and the bran itself.

Simply follow the instructions on the package and you will be on your way to composting all your kitchen scraps. You will still need fallow land for your compost to finish curing on, but that is the nature of bokashi.

These are the best composters of 2020. They are all great ways to cut your carbon footprint, and easy to use as well. Check out our ultimate guide to composting if you’re not sure what style is right for you!

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