why line-drying your clothing is so important.

Why line-drying your clothing is so important

If you’re trying to cut down on your carbon footprint, you’ve probably found yourself angsting over whether to use disposable diapers or cloth, paper vs. plastic, and so much more. Reusables are an important part of reducing our impact, but many of them break even with single use in terms of their carbon footprint. The reason? The carbon emitted by your dryer. That’s the biggest reason why line-drying your clothing is so important.

Closing the gap

The Environmental Agency conducted a study on disposable diapers versus cloth diapers, and found very little difference in terms of carbon footprint.1In some cases, cloth diapers actually had a bigger carbon footprint. You can thank drying those little diapers in a dryer.

Replacing paper with cloth loses much of its value in reducing carbon emissions as soon as these reusables hit the dryer. According to the World Health Organization, your dryer emits about 3kg of carbon every time you use it–more than enough to burn up the benefits of reusables.2

A simple solution

You don’t have to give up on reusables to make a difference in your carbon footprint. Reusables have an important place in our lives, and help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Instead, simply hang your clothing up to dry in order to get the benefits of both worlds.

If you live in damp or constantly raining areas, hanging your clothing inside for an hour or two before finishing it in the dryer can still cut an enormous amount of emissions.

Although there’s no question that reusable products save wildlife from harm, keep plastic out of our oceans, and reduce other waste, it’s also important to close the gap on carbon emissions. Line drying your clothing is a simple and fast way to make that happen.

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