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5 Apps That Can Help Trim Your Carbon Footprint

Are you worried about your environmental impact? With temperatures rising and whole countries going under, taking a close look at our personal choices and how they effect global warming is the ethical thing to do. If you’re not sure how much co2 is entering the atmosphere because of you, or just want to know how you can trim your carbon footprint, these apps can help. Here are our 5 top picks, and what they can do to help you.


This app was by far my favorite of all the apps that I’ve tried. The app tracks your driving for you, and asks you simple questions like how big your electric, water, and trash bills are. You then track your food daily with their (admittedly limited) suggested food items.

You can challenge yourself to lower your emissions to the level of other countries, and can adjust how difficult your challenge is. Best of all, you can find out how much it would cost to be carbon neutral.

This is a very easy app to use, and I recommend it for everyone who wants a no-fuss tracker.

Free for ios devices. In-app purchases available.


This app takes a positive approach to helping you trim your carbon footprint. Rather than reminding you of how huge your carbon footprint is, EcoCRED doesn’t tell you your total footprint at all.

Instead, you pick daily actions to challenge yourself with, and see only how much carbon you have reduced. As the icing on the cake, if you meet carbon reducing goals, you get eco credits you can spend on things like wallpapers for your phone.

If you prefer a positive approach to reducing your carbon footprint, this is the app for you.

Free for ios and android devices.

Carbon Trim

This one won’t tell you what your personal footprint is, but it will help you trim your carbon footprint by reminding you to follow earth friendly behaviors. You can use this app to remind you to follow different challenges, such as bringing your reusable bags to the grocery store or just plain buying less. You can also test your knowledge by guessing which of two items has a lower carbon footprint.

While I enjoyed this one, I didn’t find it especially useful as I don’t like any reminders buzzing away on my phone.

Free for ios devices.


Are you looking for a more intensive approach to tracking your carbon footprint? This app is right for you. This app starts out with an intensive questionare that will ask you about pretty much every dime you have ever spent. (Tip: Have all your bills and recent receipts nearby so you can answer their questions. They will want to know everything.)

GreenFoot will tell you exactly how big your carbon footprint is, what you need to work on, and how to do it.

I personally was not organized enough to get the most out of this app. Even with my messy responses however, I still got a result that cross referenced well against LiveGreen’s number.

Free on ios devices.


This app is so new, you have to register as a development user. (That’s as of 10/19/19. If you’re reading this months down the road it may have changed.) This app works by assigning your carbon footprint as the national average and having you work your way from there.

RePrint offers you a list of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, and shows you how much your efforts have helped. I really enjoyed this app, and found it very useful.

Free for ios devices.

There are dozens of apps out there, and I tried about 15 before presenting you with these 5 apps. Apps that didn’t make the cut asked for all my banking information (no way!) or were too confusing to use.

If you’re ready to trim your carbon footprint, try one of these apps today!

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