Impossible Whopper

Review of the Impossible Whopper

Today I learned that the Impossible Whopper had finally become available nation wide. (It actually became available everywhere last month but I was living under a rock and missed it.)

I eagerly booked Burger King as my go-to choice for lunch, and made a point to find out what the Impossible Burger tasted like for myself. When I arrived at the Burger King, it became clear I wasn’t the only curious participant. I’ve never even seen anyone eating inside at this BK before, and yet it was actually filled with people, and nearly every plate had the iconic teal and white wrapper.

I got in line to get my own Impossible Whopper (plus one for a friend) and we sat down to enjoy our meals. Trying to be an actual conoscere and not just a hungry person stuffing my face, I took a quick peek at the innards.

The patty looked a bit more synthetic than a beef burger, but otherwise it was all good. (Oh yeah, and there was definitely no pickles on my burger, which is important when you order no pickles. Looking at you McDonalds.)

I put my sandwich back together and had a big, juicy bite. That bite quickly told me that no, the Impossible beef does not taste like real beef. The texture was spot on, but the ‘beef’ had a distinct bean flavor, as if someone had spread a super thin layer of refried beans in the middle of the whopper.

My second bite just as quickly told me that the fact that it didn’t taste like a beef patty didn’t really matter. Sure, when it is by itself you can really tell, but in the thick of things with lettuce and tomato and sauce all mixed in–you can’t tell at all.

The Impossible Whopper was amazing for what it was–it tastes like a fast food burger, looks like a fast food burger, and eats like one too. I wouldn’t want Impossible meat as a steak, where the meat needs to stand on its own, but I totally don’t mind swapping out my beef burgers for Impossible ones if it helps save the environment.

If you’re curious about the Impossible Whopper but don’t want to waste time on a sub-par burger, give it a try. You might find you even like it more.

This is an unaffiliated review. I just wanted to try it. 🙂

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