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Review of LUSH hair bars

I admit, I’ve had a run in with shampoo bars before, and my experience was not a good one. Years ago I tried a shampoo bar from a small online boutique. The shampoo bars were handmade, plastic free, and made with all natural ingredients. It was really something I could get behind.

Unfortunately, the shampoo bars were a disaster for my hair. The products left me feeling greasy and frizzled. I contacted the company and was assured that this was normal.

According to them, my hair was ‘detoxing’ and this is what my hair looks like without all those unnatural chemicals. When it grows out, you’ll have rich beautiful new locks. In the mean time, rinse with apple cider vinegar! That’ll condition the hair naturally.

While yes I can say that ACV works really great as a conditioner, I felt like a pickle during the time that used to be my favorite moment of the day. I struggled through the 6 week adjustment period, and found that my hair was even more disgusting.

Finally I got myself a cheap bottle of shampoo and guiltily washed my hair. The difference from just a cheapo bottle of grocery store shampoo was so amazing, so fantastic, it felt like I’d paid big money at the salon to get a blow out done.

I felt bad about not going plastic free with my shampoo but…I could always recycle the bottle, right?

Several years later and a friend of mine casually suggested I try the LUSH shampoo bars. I admit, my whole body probably locked up at the thought, but I’d just recently started this blog, so I thought I’d give it a try.

My friends, it’s like having a bottle of nice shampoo, but without the bottle. The people at my local LUSH store kindly took me through the process, recommending that I buy their reusable tins to hold the bar in (yes, you definitely want them.)

We then went through the different choices, and I selected the Montalbano shampoo bar for shine. When I got home and tried it, I found that it soaped up nicely and actually felt like soap (my last shampoo bar didn’t) and the smell was lemony and pleasant.

It was very difficult to dry the shampoo bar. The lady recommended placing it at an angle in the soap box to dry, but that doesn’t work. It keeps sliding back into place. You don’t want it to dry in the box because it’ll take an act of congress to get it out.

I found the best way to dry it was to just put it on a rag on my counter, let it dry most of the way, and then just put it away.

My hair looked and felt amazing the next day, and the wash lasted about as long as usual compared to a bottled shampoo.

I really enjoyed this experience, and I’ll probably continue to use these. They’re like actual shampoo–just not in a bottle.

This review is not affiliated in any way. 🙂

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