Our top picks for your eco-kid’s lunchbox

If you caught my earlier post about helping your child remember their reusable bags, you know that I’ve been working hard on changing our lives over to more reusables and fewer disposables.

Helping your child have an eco-friendly lunch can go a long way to saving the environment. If your child eats a sandwich, two snacks, and a juice box for lunch 5 days a week, that means they’ll be throwing away over 1,000 single use wrappers every year, just from their lunch box alone. That’s a lot of baggies!

You can cut this down to 0 by just making a few simple swaps. These are our top favorite products we recommend for your kid’s lunch box.

This character themed sandwich bag

If you’re concerned about your child being made fun of for having reusables, character themed bags are a friendly way to make them more fun, and perhaps even encourage other kids to want reusables too.

Or for a more economical choice:

This five pack still sports fun colors and kid friendly styles, but comes in a pack of 5 so you won’t constantly be running out. I recommend two sets because some are going to be lost or accidentally thrown out.

A reusable juice box

If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to move away from plastic, but if your kid absolutely must have a juice box, this one is reusable and virtually unbreakable.

Want to go plastic free?

This water bottle is marketed as the only plastic free water bottle in kid friendly sizes. The lid is silicon, and there’s no internal line. It also comes in bright, kid friendly colors.

Kids love gogurt?

My son loves single use yogurt squeezables like Gogurt, and these things automatically become less fun when they’re in a boring old tupperware cup. These reusable pouches are perfect for yogurt, blended fruits (and veggies) and other squeezable treats.

Or for fun reusable utensils

I personally just went to goodwill and got utensils from there, but if you want your kids to have a full kit, this is a great option.

You probably don’t need my help to find lunch boxes, cups with lids, and other basic reusables, but these more unusual ones are great options to add. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination, and don’t stress if a few things get lost along the way, you can always buy more.

If you liked any of these products, please consider purchasing through the links provided. Doing so will help support this website (green hosting is unfortunately a lot more expensive than standard hosting) and keep more great articles coming your way. It doesn’t cost anything to you, so please do so if you were planning to purchase them anyway. 🙂

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