Review of “A Plastic Ocean”

A plastic ocean is a documentary that dives deep into the world of single use plastics, and how they are impacting the globe. The documentary takes you all over the world, from islands far removed from humans where birds are dying with bellies full of plastic, to islands people live on that are overwhelmed with plastics the citizens have no way to dispose of.

Plastic is a real threat to our world, from killing animals to putting toxins into our bloodstream through the food we ingest. It’s everywhere, and unavoidable. The documentary doesn’t end it there however, with no solutions to problems, and no suggestions for how to ‘turn off the tap.’ Instead, it looks at places where plastic is being solved, and suggest we adopt these same systems.

In Germany for example, Germans made it a law that all manufacturers of plastic have to be responsible for the waste their packaging creates. This has resulted in 75% of their products being made from reused materials, with 90% being their goal.

This is just one of a few locations around the world where people have learned to take care of their plastics sustainably.

A Plastic Ocean suggests that we as consumers can end plastic pollution. Suggested things we can do include not just using less plastic ourselves, but writing to plastic manufacturers and political figures and demanding safer plastics, and an end to plastic pollution.

It’s an encouraging and informative documentary, which I highly recommend. As of 5/15/2019 this documentary is available on Netflix. Watch it today, or if you don’t have netflix it can be found on Amazon. (Affiliate link below)


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